Lower Carb Day Meal Examples

Remember guys, this is just how I prefer to eat eat when I am keeping it lower carb. You don’t have to have THAT much broccoli lol. Feel free to mix it up! P…
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Lower Carb Day Meal Examples
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25 Responses to Lower Carb Day Meal Examples

  1. swifttiga says:

    lol i remember ian mccarthy’s CLEAN FOODS? How about no…. lololol what a

  2. blackishlovah123 says:

    Hahaha he’s real pissed off

  3. Grantflip says:

    hey man im liking these food videos of yours alot, subscribing, ha i enjoy
    them as much as the hodge twins food videos 🙂 got a question, i dont put
    much effort into getting healthy fats, i eat whole eggs every day, and cook
    with olive oil when i cook meat. and i buy healthier butter, but is getting
    bad fats better then not getting enough fat at all ?

  4. IsaiahLedz says:

    do you use milk or water with your whey protein?

  5. kungfu4lyfe12345 says:

    “yeah, he’s real pissed off.” lmfaooooo

  6. highpvball11 says:

    Finally somebody who agrees with me about eating the same thing everyday.
    Just because its so-called “boring” food it doesn’t mean it can’t taste
    good. Plus, just like you said, eating clean makes you feel so good. Great
    video man! Keep up the good work!

  7. nick bergstrom says:

    U should do videos on preparation on how to make your meals too

  8. PwnFaust says:

    Ever eat Pistachios

  9. Luisbodybuilds96 says:

    when your bulking could you have a apple and protein shake in the morning

  10. xoninmuoshda says:

    mmmm you season your chicken broccolli chz mixture? Looks very good man and
    I’m going to juimp on this soon. ALSO, do you incorporate fish in your diet?

  11. Richie T says:

    Hey man i have a question i bought a new protein shake it’s muscletech but
    it gives me the shits and i get an annoying ass stomach ache when i drink
    it. Do you have any recommendations on low carb whey protein? Thanks my dude

  12. xoninmuoshda says:

    with that said what kind of tuna is it?

  13. christopher brown says:

    @LeftFootofEnki for me it is a texture thing with the cottage cheese. If I
    can find the quark I wil give it a try! Thanks!

  14. Jordan Lane says:

    I always thought apples + peanut butter were a common combo… used to have
    them when I was a kid…and yeah, it is amazing!!111

  15. christopher brown says:

    I’m not a big fan of cottage cheese, any substitute suggestions?

  16. Rafael Santiago says:

    I thought it was weed in the thumbnail

  17. pjonthetrack says:

    Great job bro!

  18. Kamikaze Gorilla says:

    I’d cut out the almonds. The health benefits of eating nuts are way
    overrated. The fats in nuts really aren’t that healthy for you. I’d get
    fish oil supplements instead and get rid of the empty calories. I might
    just be talking out my ass though because I’m a fat son of a bitch.

  19. sLwAeOBeOtY says:

    just to be sure to buy extra batteries haha… trust me…

  20. leonytigre says:

    i love ur videos they are M. A Zing (no homo)

  21. Health4Thought says:


  22. Ruudi, BringerOfCorn says:

    how can you mix cottage cheese with broccoli?? that would be like me
    putting green beans in a glass of milk. great vids but that particular
    combination is grim

  23. TheSleeploks says:

    hey where did u buy the scale?

  24. Christian ST says:

    your awesome

  25. Health4Thought says:

    ice cold water

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